Your guests get to 'wow' their friends and colleagues with 15 minutes worth of their favourite 'choons!'

With a compere to introduce each DJ, a technical helper to support them in using the decks, warm up and end of night sets from our own DJ Crew, you are guaranteed a musical rollercoaster of a journey that spans every genre from rock to pop, soul to salsa, dance to disco and much, much more.

Guests pre-register their playlists through your own dedicated event microsite and/or bespoke e-cards. Guests can DJ alone, in pairs or in groups of up to four.

Have you got what it takes to rock the dance floor or are you another 'Disco Dave'?

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Why not add a competitive edge to the night by pitching DJ team vs DJ team in a head to head battle of the decks? With the stage dressed as a boxing ring, the DJs parade through the audience, prizes galore & Stick It On's very own Don King as Master of Ceremonies, Caesar's Palace won't even get a look in!

A pair of DJs, one from each team, will appear on stage together, playing alternate tracks back to back. As the DJ battle draws to a close, the event host turns to the audience and asks them to vote for one winner from each round. The audience's applause is measured by the infamous 'Stick It On Choonometer' displayed on screen(s) around the venue. This whole spectacle is then repeated for each pair of duelling DJs, before the two most popular winners are invited back on stage to battle it out in a no holds barred final for the coveted title of 'The Finest Choon Selector'.

Knock out entertainment and a fantastic way to bring your evening alive in true Vegas meets Fight Club style.

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This is our 'Pop Up Party' package, as guests select their playlists there and then on the night from catalogues of music bursting with enough floor fillers to keep even the most picky muso happy.

Guests pick three tracks from the catalogues, then complete the attached DJ registration form which they hand in to one of the Stick It On crew. Using the latest DJ technology we can literally get anyone behind the decks quicker than you can say Fatboy rattle the speakers with their killer choons.

A riotous round robin of musical treats, perfect for a confident & fun loving crowd!

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